Grass fed angus

Eat well to feel well!

Our Riviera Ranch Angus Grass Fed Beef is sourced from Uruguay. This country, which is in the south-east of South America has privi leged conditions for cattle breeding and is known for its quality beef.

Uruguay has the perfect climate. Clean air, plentiful water and lush green pastures, to allow Angus breeds to range and graze freely, to eat and li ve naturally – reducing stress and promoting better animal welfare.

Traditionally, farmers use Gauchos and horses on their ranches and combine century’s old practices with modern technology to deliver 100% tr a ceable, high quality, natural beef.

Grass fed, free ranged beef with never any hormones or antibiotics added. Eat well to feel well!

Livestock production

Uruguay is a country where the agricultural tradition and the modern combine in perfect balance and harmony. In line with the needs of the international markets, livestock production in Uruguay is increasingly attentive to:

  • Food Safety
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental sustainability

The natural conditions of the field and the pastures are optimal. If we add production systems with constant quality control, and a permanent technological innovation, Uruguay provides its customers around the world with natural, tender, healthy and delicious meat.