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Hot products

  • Heart of Rump

    We deliver heart of rump Grain-fed or Grass-fed beef from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay....

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  • Striploin

    Beef striploins Grain-fed or Grass-fed from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. Striploin 4 kg +, 5 kg +, 6 kg + Ger Trim...

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  • Tenderloin

    High Quality Beef Tenderloins Grain-fed or Grass-fed from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. Tenderloin 3/4 - Tenderlions 4/5 and Tenderloins 5+...

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Our products

  • Rib Eye / Cuberolls
    High Quality Beef Rib Eye for a fair price....
  • Tri Tip
    High Quality Beef Tri Tip for a fair price....
  • Topside
    High Quality Beef Topside for a fair price....
  • Top Blade / Oyster blade
    High Quality Beef Top Blade for a fair price....
  • Terres Major
    High Quality Beef Terres Major for a fair price....
  • Tenderloin
    High Quality Beef Tenderlion for a fair price....
  • Striploin
    High Quality Beef Striplion for a fair price....
  • Silverside Flat
    High Quality Beef Silverside Flat for a fair price....
  • Shoulder Clod
    High Quality Beef Shoulder Clod for a fair price....
  • Brisket
    High Quality Beef Brisket for a fair price....
  • Chuck Roll
    High Quality Beef Chuck Roll for a fair price....
  • Chuck Tender
    High Quality Beef Chuck tender for a fair price....

Special Offers

What's new?

Our own brand Riviera Ranch meat. High quality grain fed black angus beef from Uruguay. The animals are fed up to 150 days of grain. We call it ''The meat of the future''.

  • Eyeround
  • Flanksteak
  • Flapmeat
  • Heart of rump
  • Knuckle
  • Picanha / Rump cap
  • Rib eye / Cuberolls
  • Silverside flat
  • Striploin
  • Tenderlion
  • Topside
  • Tri tip